Double Suction Impeller

Double Suction pump will be attached with impellers are arranged in parallel, the flow rate at a constant head can be increased by this. When the centrifugal pump becomes too large for the inlet cross-sections at that time double suction impeelers are employed, in the throughout process head remains constant.

Suction Head

Suction Head is expressed in terms of height of liquid coulmn which defined as the difference between liquid pressure at pump suction and liquid vapour pressure. It is used to describe liquid pressure at pump suction.


Bottom half Casting

Bottom Half Casting is used to seal off the int side of the pump atmosphere in order to prevent leakage and to retain pressure inside it. It surround the pump rotor to transit energy to the fluid handled through the mounted impeller on the rotating shaft. The nozzles in the inlet and outlet which serves directly to the fluid handled into and out of the pump.

Discharge Head

Discharge head used to pump the liquid in the vertical distance. Pump should be rated for a maximum of 100 feet,by that the final discharge point will not higher than 100 feet than the liquid which going to pumped